Driving Direct Revenue Through Intelligent bidding

Helping brands and agencies grow   revenue through the complexity of  the metasearch ecosystem leveraging first party data.

About Us


Passionate About Direct & Digital

With  years of experience in digital commerce and digital marketing, we've tested and found the best processes and best partners to drive the optimal return in direct digital advertising.  

Digital marketing is ever-evolving with new products and channels.  It's a complex landscape with search, display, video, social and metasearch. Our focus is helping all of this universe work harder  for your brand and properties with a concentration on direct booking efforts. 


Our Analytical Approach

Data.  More specifically, your website data, about your customers is the key approach in driving direct bookings.

Connectivity is foundational and bid-management tools and bid-modifiers are all part of the minimum requirements to participate.   This can be a daunting space to figure out.  We  we can help you build the right strategy and, just as important, find the right partners  to succeed.

Optimization through  machine learning about your very own customers' activities will let you dynamically bid more intelligently for those customers in metasearch, search, social and  display.  This is where your return on ad spend explodes and your cost efficiencies allow you to spend more effectively. 


A Long History of Innovation & Results

Having activated digital marketing in 2004 with paid search and display, we've managed to grow and work with best-in-class partners all along the way.  We created a self funding model as digital began to take a larger portion of  marketing dollars.  This  model went on to provide funding that generated over $1.4 billion in DIRECT BOOKING revenue specifically through these digital efforts. 

We've convinced the C suite and individual hotel owners alike  of the short and long-term value of reaching these customers and getting them to book direct, drive loyalty and increase property value.


Your customers are everywhere, shouldn't you be too?

 Bidding intelligently is the only solution to make metasearch, paid search, social and more truly payoff for your properties.  Knowing when to bid more  for customers who have engaged with your brand gives you the edge to drive that customer back to you directly.  

Conversely, know those customers who are less likely to convert and adjust your bids appropriately to ensure you maximize your marketing spend.  Efficiency on cost and maximization of revenue is where the real value is realized.

Agencies of all sizes servicing clients in digital media often find more questions than answers when it comes to integrating metasearch. This can be for independent hotels to small, medium and even large brands. This challenge stems from a lack of metasearch expertise as a core offering. Metasearch is often handled in a silo and not leveraged effectively.  Base requirements can also be challenging.  Vendor partners are a critical step in this as connectivity is required for rates and availability.  Additionally,  a brand must have a true commitment to rate party at minimum.  Without these - there is no metasearch option.  Direct Booking IQ was established to help.  From a basic analysis to partner recommendations and implementation, Direct Booking IQ can help agencies and their clients leverage the rapidly growing metasearch ecosystem.  

Our Blog

  From time to time, we'll offer thoughts on relevant topics around digital media, audiences, metasearch and all things digital.  


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